Migration Law

Independent Entrepreneur

You want to work as an independent entrepreneur in the Netherlands. For this purpose you need a residence permit. What are the conditions for this residence permit?

The work that you are going to carry out has an essential importance for the Dutch economy. The product or services you are going to offer must have an innovative character for the Netherlands. For the assessment of this, the IND requires advice from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The RVO acts on behalf of the Minister of Economic Affairs.

The essential interest is assessed on the basis of a points system. The point system consists of 3 parts:

1. Personal experience (training, entrepreneurship, work experience).
2. Business plan (market analysis, product / service, price, organization, financing).
3. Added value for the Netherlands (innovation, job creation, investments).


For start ups and EU
Please note: Smoother rules apply to Turkish nationals in connection with the Turkish Association Decree. Do you have any questions? Contact us. We are happy to help you!