migration law

Family Reunification

You want to live together with your spouse or partner in the Netherlands. To be able to live with your spouse or partner in the Netherlands, you need a residence permit. What are the conditions for this residence permit? And how does the application process work?


  • You are married to each other or you have a registered partnership together. Or you are unmarried and have a sustainable and exclusive relationship with each other.
  • Your partner has the Dutch nationality or your partner lives in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit.
  • You have taken the civic integration examination abroad or you are exempted and do not have to take the exam.
  • Your partner has sufficient income. This income is independent and sustainable. This condition does not apply in the following situations:
  • Your partner has the AOW age. The AOW age is not the same for everyone.
  • Your partner is permanently and completely incapacitated for work.
  • Your partner is permanently unable to meet the duty of employment. Contact the IND for more information.

Different conditions apply to persons with the nationality of an EU / EEA country or Switzerland, and their family members.

For Turkish nationals and their family members, more favorable conditions may apply in connection with the Turkish Association Treaty. For example, single parents are exempt from the requirement to have sufficient financial means.

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