Migration Law

Short stay visa rejected? You can appeal.

Has your application for a short-stay visa been refused? We are ready for you to
appeal. A Short Stay Visa is intended for foreigners who want to stay in the Netherlands
for a maximum of three months. They need a Short Stay Visa, for example, for a holiday
or visit to a family member or friends in the Netherlands. A tourist visa is not issued
easily. There are various requirements and conditions attached to it.
Matpanozer advocatuur knows exactly under what circumstances someone qualifies for
a Short Stay Visa. Because the IND charges high costs for applying for a visa and any
appeal, it is wise to let a lawyer assist as soon as possible.

Initial Short Stay Visa application

A Short Stay Visa is not a permanent residence permit. It is also called a Schengen visa
because it gives access to all 26 so-called Schengen countries in Europe. You apply for
the Short Stay Visa at the Dutch embassy in the country of origin or in another country
where you already have a permanent residence permit.


A Short Stay Visa is subject to several conditions and requirements. For example, the
applicant must have a valid passport and health insurance. The applicant must also have
sufficient money to finance himself in the Netherlands and it must be clear where exactly
he or she is staying. In a hotel or with family, for example.

Reason for rejection

The main reason for rejection of a tourist visa is the so-called danger of settlement. The
IND believes that there is a good chance that the person on the tourist visa will settle in
the Netherlands after the period of validity has expired. Our lawyers know exactly what
reasons you need to state and what evidence you need to provide to optimize the
chances of success of your application.

Appeal to the rejection

Due to the many conditions, it is quite possible that an application for a visa will be
refused. You can appeal against this decision with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In this situation you will have a lot of support from an experienced lawyer. We can often
work on a pro bono basis in these cases, so that you only have to pay a personal
contribution. If you need help, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.